Seaquester - Overview

Cruising has two pleasures.
One is to go out in wider waters from a sheltered place.
The other is to go into a sheltered place from wider waters.

Howard Bloomfield

They say you don't pick your boat, but that your boat picks you. I was not really in the market for a new boat but in May of 2008, five years after finding our first boat, Gata Luna, I saw an ad that looked too good to believe. It was for a 35' Hallberg Rassy 352. In short, the boat had been neglected but she was solid. I bought her and had her shipped to Seattle. Someday I hope she will take me and my family far from Puget Sound in comfort and safety.

In this section of our site I hope to share the stories of restoration, exploration, and learning aboard our Hallberg Rassy 352 'Seaquester'.

Origins Origins - How and why we got a new boat.

Purchase Purchase - Photos from when I bought her.

Portlights Portlights - Replacing the ports.

Stanchions Stanchions - Rebedding the stanchions.

Solo September Sail Solo September Sail - A solo trip to the San Juan and Gulf Islands Home

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